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Financial documents

FINANCIAL RESULTS As on 31st March 2014 As on 30th June 2014 As on 30th September 2014 together with Limited Review As on 31st December 2014 As on 31st March 2015 together with Audit Certificate As on 30th September 2015 As on 31st December 2015 As on 31st March 2016 Annual Report (2105 – 2016) […]

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Management decisions

OUTCOME OF BOARD DISCUSSION As on 17th May 2014 As on 29th May 2014 As on 10th July 2014 As on 18th July 2014 As on 29th July 2014 As on 8th August 2014 – Book Closure for AGM As on 21st August 2014 – AGM Results As on 11th November 2014 – Additional Director […]

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Corporate Governance

OTHERS ADMPL Terms and Condition of Appointment of Independent Director Resignation-ATM Annual Report 2014-2015 AGM CG Exemption 30.09.2016 SCRUTINISER REPORTS Scrutiniser Poll Report – 67th AGM Scrutiniser Evoting Report – 67th AGM Scrutiniser Combined Report – 67th AGM Evoting letter to BSE Clause 35A Evoting Result – 67th AGM Investor Grievance 30.06.2016 Investor Grievance 30.09.2016 […]

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