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Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report 30.09.2016
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Voting Results with Covering Letter
Notice of Postal Ballot – Dec 2017
69th AGM Scrutinizer Report
69th AGM Voting Result
Notice of Postal Ballot
Auditors Report on Pricing
Scrutinizer Report on Postal Ballot
Declaration of Postal Ballot Result
Certificate of Pricing
66th Annual Report 2013-14
Result of AGM dated 20th August 2014
Issue of equity shares, through private placement
Board Meeting 2016
AGM Notice 2016
Notice of Board Meeting 04.08.2016
Notice of Board Meeting 24.10.2016
Publication of AGM Notice
Business Standard
Publication of AGM Notice EeSanje
Intimation of Board Meeting 2017
Notice of Board Meeting 09.05.2017
69th Annual General Meeting Notice
69th Annual Report 2016 – 2017
Notice of Board Meeting 30.08.2017
Postal Ballot Notice 30.09.2017
Intimation of Issuance of Notice to members published in Newspaper 04.10.2017
Voting Result 01.11.2017
Scrutinizer Report 01.11.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 06.12.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 05.02.2018
Scrutinizer Report 31.01.2018
Voting Result 01.02.2018
Notice of 70th AGM (Business Standard)
Notice of 70th AGM (Lakshdeep)
70th Annual Report 2017 – 2018
Notice of Board Meeting 10.08.2018
Scrutinizer Report 11.08.2018
Voting Result 12.08.2018
Postal Ballot Notice 2018
Postal Ballot Form 2018
Postal Ballot Notice 03.12.2018
Notice of Board Meeting 05.02.2019
Notice of Board Meeting 16.05.2019
Notice of Postponement of Board Meeting 17.05.2019
71st Annual General Report 2018 – 2019
Postal Ballot Notice
Postal Ballot Notice – 2020
72nd Annual Report 2019-2020